Author: Jenna Davis

Jenna Davis

I have a passion for storytelling and love creating a variety of content for a wide range of audiences. Once, I frolicked on the beach with about 30 miniature horses. I bring it up every chance I get.

Wondering How to Pay for Lyme Treatment? These Ideas Can Help

Lyme disease is an illness that can negatively affect people’s lives for weeks and months—and sometimes much longer. The disease…

|6 min read

Financial Assistance

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

It’s natural to feel helpless when someone close to you is in terrible emotional pain. It’s also completely normal to…

|6 min read


Three people sitting at a table with their laptops

Everything You Need to Know About GoFundMe’s Fees

GoFundMe’s mission has always been to empower others to turn compassion into action. Whether someone has a medical emergency, is…

|4 min read


Two pairs of hands typing and writing

How to Get Rid of Debt: Know Your Options

Paying off large chunks of debt can feel like trying to summit a snowy peak in sandals. The average American…

|7 min read

Financial Assistance

Two women working on a laptop

GoFundMe vs Fundly: How to Choose the Best Crowdfunding Website

When it comes to crowdfunding, there’s no shortage of websites that allow you to raise funds for causes you care…

|8 min read


A man riding his bicycle through a rainy street

How to Help Hurricane Victims Recover and Rebuild

Experiencing the wrath of a hurricane firsthand can be a harrowing experience for even the most prepared. And getting through…

|7 min read

Financial Assistance

Child Care Assistance: How to Get Free Support

Raising a child includes countless moments of joy—but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Perhaps one of…

|7 min read

Financial Assistance

A flooded parking lot

Powerful Yet Easy Ideas to Help Flood Victims Recover

In the aftermath of severe flooding, community members face the daunting task of trying to rebuild their lives. It can…

|6 min read

Financial Assistance

A mother hugging her two children

Holiday Giving Guide: Seven Meaningful Ways to Give Back This Year

Helping others has always been a hallmark of the holiday season. Long before ugly sweater parties and pumpkin-flavored concoctions, people…

|9 min read


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