GoFundMe Gives Back

Two GoFundMe employees present a check for $1,000 to a teacher

Gives Back isn’t just a program. It’s the spirit of GoFundMe.

Started by GoFundMe’s founders, the Gives Back program puts our core values of spreading empathy and doing the right thing into practice. Over the years, we have given millions of dollars back to fundraisers that move us.

Why we give back


At GoFundMe, every Tuesday is Giving Tuesday.

Every week, our employees have the opportunity to nominate a fundraiser for Gives Back. And if selected, GoFundMe makes a donation of up to $5K to that fundraiser on Giving Tuesday.

Gives Back allows our employees to see first-hand the direct and powerful impact of their work. Quarterly, GoFundMe invites Gives Back recipients to speak at our offices and give our employees the opportunity to listen and learn from our customers’ experiences.


Gives Back recipient Francis Phiri (right) in conversation with GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon at a quarterly event.

Featured recipients from recent Giving Tuesdays 


Malva, Italy
WATCH THE VIDEO ⬆️ English - Italian UPDATE on Thalia’s surgeries: First...
Last donation 6mos ago
€86,089 raised of €200,000
€86,089 raised
Austin, TX
You may know John Knighten as a friend, a business professional, a mentor. You m...
Last donation 9mos ago
$67,411 raised of $168,000
$67,411 raised
Alameda, CA
My name is Howard Cato, and I'm the founder of Bay Area BMXers (a 501(c)(3) Nonp...
Last donation 4mos ago
$41,407 raised of $65,000
$41,407 raised
Cambridge, MA
Hi everyone, my name is Sebastian Newman. I am 18 years old and live in Cambri...
Last donation 1yr ago
$17,076 raised of $60,000
$17,076 raised
Bloodvein, MB
Introduction: Hello and Aniin.    My name is Sidney and I am a teacher on th...
Last donation 3w ago
$10,585 raised of $10,000
$10,585 raised
Topanga, CA
With your help, we are going to send 13 custom fitted wheelchairs to 13 ...
Last donation 1yr ago
$6,751 raised of $5,600
$6,751 raised
Thornhill, ON
Thank you for visiting our page! At DANI, an organization that supports adults w...
Last donation 1yr ago
$5,050 raised of $5,000
$5,050 raised
San Diego, CA
Jerry (no eyes), Jax (one eye), and Baby Lola (no eyes) are a trio of very happy...
Last donation 1yr ago
$4,007 raised of $4,000
$4,007 raised

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