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Kevin DiniKevin DiniBeau's Vet Bill

I turned to GoFundMe when my dog Beau had a veterinary emergency days before rent was due. I reached out to a friend for emotional support while Beau was being treated & they suggested starting a campaign to help. Having donated to campaigns in the past I was familiar with how things worked and I got the campaign set up quickly because GoFundMe made the process so simple. Within a day the goal I set to cover the emergency care and follow up blood work was 80% reached within 6 hours. I can't express how grateful I am for having GoFundMe as an option in this situation and for the support of friends and strangers in this financial time of need.

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I was hoping to help my wife, a grade-school teacher in Chicago, take her students on a field trip. I had never done a GoFundMe campaign before so was unsure what to expect. They make it so very easy to get your page going and start accepting donations right away. The update process is easy, adding content is simple as well, and their support was timely and helpful. We are thrilled with how our campaign turned out and even if you have concerns, they make it so easy for people to share your campaign that you just may see things soaring very quickly! Good luck and if our experience is any guide, people can amaze and astound you with their kindness. Give them a chance with GoFundMe!

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Maren a level 7 gymnast in my daughters gymnastic's club suddenly and tragically lost her father while they were vacationing in Hawaii. Having her life turned upside down and losing the very sport that fuels her fire seemed like too big a burden to carry so being able to quickly set up a GoFundMe campaign was fantastic. Having the ability to come together as a gymnastics community and help pay for her to continue her club sport until her mom navigates the new normal of their lives was a huge blessing! We are often at a loss as to how to help someone after such a huge and devastating loss and GoFundMe made it easy for us. It's so easy to share that many people that didn't even know Maren have donated! I received funds from the account and transferred them right to her account at the gym. Super easy! We can't fix the tragedy but we can bless the family by easing some of the financial burden while keeping a bright light in her life at the gym. I highly recommend using GoFundMe. The people donating felt very comfortable using the site. I had never set up a GoFundMe campaign prior to this and found it to be very user-friendly.

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I am absolutely amazed with this site. My daughter wanted to do something helpful for her teacher and my heart has been touched with the process of using this site. It was so easy to use, I didn’t have to spend hours setting it up, it took about an hour, and most of it was figuring out what to say. GoFundMe helped us spread the news and reach more people than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for helping us, and thank you for helping to give Mrs. Vargas her year of a lifetime. She had her last day of work and all of us will miss her so much, but with the help of you and so many others, we know she will get to have some fun!

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Craig RussellCraig RussellWill Fraser-Gray

GoFundMe has been an incredible help to or cause. After a close friend was involved in a car accident he had life threatening injuries. Thanks to this campaign we are able to raise a lot of help and support for his family which will include medical bills.

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GoFundMe is one of the greatest humanity business ideas ever. I can’t thank the folks at GoFundMe enough for developing such an awesome and user-friendly software / app platform.

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I hadn't slept in over a week due to my stress over finances. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and would have to take time off for the upcoming tests, surgery, and recovery needed to beat this diagnosis. I was apprehensive about starting a GoFundMe...partially because I don't like asking for help and partially because I know that others are struggling far worse than myself. Even still, I took a risk and submitted my fundraiser. The people in my life showed up beyond what I could have ever imagined. I had no idea so many people cared about me. Folks from all over the world donated and said kind things about how I had impacted their lives. I am beyond grateful for the GoFundMe platform and even more grateful to the friends and family who donated in order for me to be okay during my cancer journey. Needless to say, I'm finally sleeping again.

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Mike WhitneyMike WhitneyNo Vacancy

This was the ideal platform to reach our fans! We were working on producing our first album and needed a way to raise the money needed and also give back top our fans!

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As an animal rescue organization, we often find ourselves with one of the dogs needing additional medical care that is more than we have the immediate funds for. We are so grateful to have the GoFundMe platform to help us get the word out to our supporters. While we have regular fundraisers throughout the year there are times that one of the dogs can't wait for us to have a garage sale or silent online auction. GoFundMe is there for them today.

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Dear Go Fund Me, How can I thank you all! Without this fundraiser, I wouldn’t have been able to help my mom and husband get back on their feet. This has been a truly humbling experience to know that so many individuals can come together in times of need and crisis. My mother completely lost everything in this fire. I didn’t know how to help her and this was the best and fastest way to raise money for her. I am truly thankful to you all and my mom and husband are forever grateful. Thank you.

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Nicholas NicholsNicholas NicholsSend Nick to Tin House

The process of publishing and crowdfunding couldn't be any easier.

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Jill ZinnerJill ZinnerHelp Our Daugher

This was a difficult decision, to use gofundme, because the reason was to help our daughter at a difficult time in her life. It's hard to ask people for donations, difficult. HOWEVER, this process, this program, made something good to happen even though difficult. We did make our goal. Our daughter was able to get the money she needs to pay the doctor bills required out of pocket that does not get covered by her insurance. PLUS, the feeling of community we all experienced from everyone who helped us added to her being able to face what is coming with more confidence. The team at gofundme were an integral part of the whole experience. Even when we had question, someone wrote back to us and made available consultation and advice. This was a good experience.

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I genuinely really enjoyed GoFundMe to raise money for my mission. It was a great way to ask the community to help me reach my goal. I ended up surpassing my goal and I am very grateful. Really great what this organization is doing

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