Education Fund For Hunter Postill

Jessica McCormick was diagnosed at the age of 3 with ALL.. a type of childhood leukemia. She went through 2 years of chemo and at the end of it all they told her she was in remission. Usually after 5 years of remission you are considered cured and not to worry about relapse. Well that wasnt the case for Jess.

May 2019 Jess went for her 2 year check
up with her childhood cancer doctor.  The Dr did  some normal blood tests but told Jess she was worried about her platelet count being low, so she referred her to an adult hematologist to keep and eye on everything. Jess went to her first appointment and was told by this new dr that he thought she just had low platelets and that she would be fine but he still would like to see her again in 3 months. 3 months later, she went back and the doctor was going to dismiss her case.. until he noticed that now Jess' sneutrophil count was low too. Thank god
they were , if he dismissed her case she never would have gone back to be checked because she felt totally fine.

The doctor told her he didnt think it was anything but to be on the safe side he wanted to do a bone marrow biopsy. Results came back Jess had pre leukemia (MDS).
Doctor told her at that time "we will keep an eye on you but eventually youll have to go for a Stem cell transplant". He said i will see you
in 3 months. 3 weeks later Jess got an abcess .. so she called him to let him know.. Doc told her to come in. When they took her blood they noticed  some blasts in her blood ( blasts are cancer cells) which was never there before. They said we need to do another bone marrow biopsy to see what was happening. It came back that her diagnosis of MDS had now turned into AML .. full blown leukemia. Never in her right mind would she of thought that 27 years later she'd be admitted to hospital fighting for her life once again.

Now that there was a new diagnosis with AML the game plan had changed. Before the stem cell transplant she now had to be in remission. October 3rd Jess was admitted to Victoria Hospital in London for what they said 28 days for chemotherapy. It ended up being a long 40 days. So much happened in those 40 days its crazy to think she came home in one piece. From
passing out after her shower .. having a brain bleed, rashes from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. The Worst part of it all was that during this 40 day stay she was not allowed to see her son because of her blood counts being so low. At the end of her 40 days She had a bone marrow biopsy done, Jess received the best news ever...she was now in remission. The news made that 40 days all worth it to her!

Doctors gave Jess 2 weeks off of treatment so she could enjoy life out of the hospital before being hit with the second round of chemo. Fast forward 2 weeks, Jess recieved her second round of chemo. She then was diagnosed with an abcess, which led to emergency
surgery. Jess was eating pain pills like candy and she was in so much pain from the absess/ surgery for a month and a half. Jess describes it as the worst pain she ever had been through.

Jess finally healed from her surgery and was getting all packed, in fight mode to be admitted to Princess Margaret in Toronto. Two days before she was about to leave, she got a call that
her donor did not pass the phyisical and was declined by blood bank to donate. Transplant was off the table. Two weeks later they called her back stating they had another donor ready to go. Jess and Shane packed up and headed to Toronto for transplant.
Transplant was super miserable for Jess. The pain in her mouth was so bad that she had to suction the saliva out of her mouth as she was unable to swallow. 21 days later, Jess was discharged from hospital with doctors saying she had a textbook transplant.

Jess felt great afterward and had a good run for 141 days post transplant, when she went for a check up and her blood was all out of whack. Jess got the devastating news that she had relapsed. Doctors immediately admitted Jess back to the hopsital with a 20 percent chance of surviving. It was the hardest time of her life, as she was not able to be there when they moved in her new house, she had just gotten engaged, had her 5 year old little boy calling her
daily asking where she was and when she was coming home and doctors telling her she probably wouldnt make it. She had a rough 3 months but was told she was in remission after those 3 months of heavy chemo and fighting.

However Doctors knew that she wouldnt stay in remission very long,  they told her they would have to try something else to keep her in deep remission for life. Her doctors in London fought hard for her to get into this trial at the NIH in Maryland. Jess arrived to Maryland in remission, had her procedure and both Shane and Jess were away from their son for another month. After a month of being there, the resutls came back that her cancer was still present and it went from 3 percent cancer from when she arrived at the clinic to 48 percent cancer. The trial didnt work for her. Now with barely any other options left , Jess and her family are leaving again for Toronto for her next trial. 

Jess needs all the prayers for a miracle to happen. If anyone knows Jessica you all know how amazing of a person she is. She would be the first to give her shirt off her back to anyone in need. Jess has always been a bubbly, happy go lucky girl for as long as I have known her... watching what she and her family are currently going through is breaking my heart. I want to thank the community for everything they have done to support Jess and her family so far...Jess has never once asked for anything from anyone..she’s not the type of person to ever want money, handouts, gifts, she doesn’t want charity or pity from anyone. She and her family would give anything to have Jess’s health back .

That being said I know how much Jess stresses about Hunter and his future...Even though I know Jess and Shane don’t want anything from anyone and feel so grateful for everything that this community has done already,  I feel like we should all come together one more time to be able to provide their son Hunter with an education fund so they don’t need to stress about his future. Hunter has been without his mom for long periods of time as Jess has been battling this beast. I believe this is the best gift we can give a child who has already been through so much at such a young age. Christmas should be about giving to others in need and I couldn’t think of a more deserving family. Jess deserves to know that her son will always be loved and well taken care of. We want to give this gift to this family so Jess can focus on getting healthy and not stress about future finances or her sons future.
Jess we love you and we are all behind you every step of the way♥️


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