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GoFundMe helps self-sponsored athletes and teams reach their goals every day. From Olympians and roller derby all-stars to Spartan racers and UFC fighters, we’ve made it easier for countless people to achieve their athletic ambitions. Do you have a hurdle in your way? GoFundMe is a smart way to raise funds for all the costs of attending a competition. Here you’ll find some of the inspiring athletes who have used GoFundMe to realize their sporting dreams.

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Success Story: Soccer Fundraising

  • Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team partners with Soccer Without Borders
  • $40,000+

Death threats and bomb scares didn’t stop these dedicated women from starting the first national team in Afghanistan. When most would quit, the team stayed committed, qualifying for professional training camps in the US and Hong Kong. After raising over $40,000 with GoFundMe, they’re on their way to competing on the international stage. more

Success Story: Rock Climbing Fundraising

  • Justin, nationally recognized rock climber
  • $4,000+

After losing his sight at 14, Justin wasn’t sure where or when he would get his next adrenaline rush. Then he found climbing. Now, using the funds raised on GoFundMe, he is on the way to the world championships in Scotland. more

Success Story: Spartan Race Fundraising

  • Rachel, Elite Spartan Race participant
  • $2,000+

Rachel teaches middle school English, but when she’s not focusing on her kids, she’s climbing walls, throwing spears, and jumping fire in the Spartan Race series. As an army veteran, teacher, and mom, Rachel’s ready to take on the elite category. She launched a GoFundMe and raised funds to help with entry fees and participation costs. more

Success Story: Cross Country Fundraising

  • Crawford High School Cross Country Team
  • $9,000+

The student athletes on the Crawford High School Cross Country Team come from all over the world, and they’ve found hope in their participation on the team. It hasn’t come without a cost. That’s when the Crawford Alumni came together on GoFundMe and raised over $9,000 for running shoes, competition entry fees, and travel expenses. more

Success Story: Horse Racing Fundraising

  • Liv, international horse racer
  • $5,000+

Liv wanted to compete in the Mongol Derby, a horse race that retraces a route used by Genghis Khan, but she also wanted to give back. She raised $5,000 on GoFundMe for the Amazon rainforest and the Cool Earth charity. She used the rest of the funds to attend the race in Mongolia. more

Success Story: Roller Derby Fundraising

  • Calgary Roller Derby All Stars go to World Championships
  • $16,000+

For the first time in their history, the CRDA win their way into the Division 1 playoffs. After the 2016 season, the Calgary Roller Derby All Stars expected 2017 to be a rebuilding year. They ended up ranked #35 in the world, which qualified them for the world playoffs in Sweden. With the help of their network, they raised over $16,000 on GoFundMe to cover travel expenses. more

Success Story: Triathlon Fundraising

  • Ashley, a Canadian champ goes for it all in Hawaiian triathlon
  • $3,500+

Ashley was determined to bounce back after an accident. Even though she was attending graduate school at the time and working two jobs, she still found the time to qualify for the prestigious Kona Ironman World Championships. With the help of her network, she was able to raise over $3,500 on GoFundMe. more

Success Story: Martial Arts Fundraising

  • Stephanie Lim, Wushu World Champion
  • $3,500+

After qualifying for the World Wushu Championships, Stephanie realized she would have to cover all the costs related to travel to Indonesia to compete. After training in martial arts for years, Stephanie knew that she needed the extra funding in order to see her dream through. That’s when she started a GoFundMe and raised over $3,500. more

Success Story: Cycling Fundraising

  • The NSC Velodrome needed repairs immediately
  • $21,000+

Minnesota's only velodrome -- an arena for competitive cycling -- was in rough shape. The velodrome needed extensive repairs to keep it up and running, so local cyclists banded together to save it. They raised over $20,000 through GoFundMe for repairs. more

Success Story: Track and Field Fundraising

  • Tai, Rainn and Brooke, elite track and field athletes
  • $13,000+

Tai, Rainn and Brooke are all national champions and junior Olympians. They were able to raise more than $13,000 to cover their competition entry fees, travel to events, and lodging costs. They even got new uniforms. more

Success Story: MMA Fundraising

  • Sarah Moras wants to compete in the next big fight
  • $5,000+

Sarah, a professional UFC fighter, has been supporting herself since she got into the sport. She’s on GoFundMe to connect with her fans, to train at the highest level, and to get ready for the next fight. If it weren’t for the funds raised by her fans on GoFundMe, Sarah would be unable to compete at the level needed to be in the UFC. more

Success Story: Golf Fundraising

  • Jonathan recently graduated college and has professional ambitions
  • $4,000+

Becoming a professional golfer takes years of dedication and sacrifice. Jonathan turned to his friends, golf fans, and family to help with tournament entry fees, travel expenses, and international visa costs. With help from his network, he may be able to get on the PGA Tour using the $4,000 raised on GoFundMe. more

Success Story: Equestrian Fundraising

  • Marcel, Equestrian athlete and Canadian Olympian
  • $1,000+

Marcel wouldn’t let Asperger syndrome stop him from chasing his dreams. He found that competitive sports helped build self-esteem and managed his condition. He didn’t like being the center of attention, but that changed when he started competing in equestrian events. The donations raised on GoFundMe will help him in the National Special Olympics in 2018. more

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