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Laura GoodpasterLaura GoodpasterFawn and Eddie fire fund

This is the first time I have set one up for someone I know. It was so easy and wow, what a response! I have often donated and didn't realize how quickly the responses are! My sister's home had a fire and she lost everything including all her animals, it was horrible. Having the ability to raise funds for her quickly eased her burden a bit. Thank you

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GoFundMe has been an amazing tool in helping raise funds for such an uncertain and unexpected event that happened to us. It not only brought the necessary help we needed, but it helped us have a broader outreach to not only our local community, but to the broader world.

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I was able to set up a GoFundMe account for a friend who's child was experiencing significant medical issue. Through the GFM website every friend and relative had the opportunity to both contribute and personal express their support and well wishes! The process was a smashing success!

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Casey AllenCasey AllenHelp Laura Allen

What a great program! With GoFundMe and by reaching out through social media we were able to raise more than $21k in just over 4 days. Thank you GoFundMe!

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I could not be happier with your service. I needed to raise money quickly and I did. Even though my outcome was not what I wanted. To me your service was invaluable.

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I really like GoFundMe. It helped me easily raise money for our loved one who was just diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to raise as much money without GoFundMe

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I was nervous about asking, GoFundMe made it easy, and my friends and family made me humble and grateful.

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The site is awesome. Easy to set up and easy to get the funds raised for the needed. And they don't rob you by taking a lot to use them, great program.

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This was my first experience with GoFundMe and I am amazed at the success in just one day! All our employees shared the link with their contacts and the results were awesome! Amy is very special to all of us and having this to help her after losing everything in the fire was perfect!! It was so easy to set up and manage, a great way to help people!!

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I have enjoyed using GoFundMe as a platform to help me in meeting my ongoing cancer costs.

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Jack JustusJack JustusSocial A

It has been an extremely amazing time working with GoFundMe. It has allowed us to get the funding to take our product to a real functional app.

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Madison DalrympleMadison DalrympleGrandmas Wishes

I’m so grateful for GoFundMe and I know my family is greatful for this platform as well. Just knowing that this platform cares about people’s stories and knowing that people have hardships is amazing to see. I don’t know what I’d do other wise. I’m so glad to have something that gets my grandma excited when she sees people donating, it gives her hope in this hard time.

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I started a GoFundMe after some other fundraising sites didn't quite work out. It was the best decision I could have made! So simple, and so effective, I can't thank you enough.

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I am overwhelmed by the amount of participation and how easy the GoFundMe page is to help reach out to people I normally wouldn’t be able to reach out to.

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Fantastic. Absolutely a great resource in a time of need. Thank you very much.

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No platform fee and free resources for crowdfunding success.

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Donor protection guarantee

GoFundMe has the first and only guarantee in the industry.

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You can personalise and share your GoFundMe in just a few minutes.

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You may set up a fundraiser for free. All donations are subject to standard transaction fees.* *A 5% fee is applied to withdrawals in these countries: CH, AT, PT, FI, SE, DK, NO, BE, LU.

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The GoFundMe app makes it easy to launch and manage your campaign on the go.

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