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Mick Roberts

Toronto Maple Leafs superfan, Mick Roberts, was diagnosed with degenerative Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. Support quickly grew for the superfan and the Newfoundland and hockey community launched a GoFundMe to fulfill Mick's dream of watching the team play live.

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Ryder's Rainboots

Over the last couple of years, 8-year-old Ryder has raised $15,000 through multiple GoFundMe campaigns to purchase those afflicted with homelessness rainy day kits to keep them dry and warm.

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The 109th Winnipeg Santa Parade was on the verge of cancellation due to a damaged Santas sleigh float, so Winnipeg turned to GoFundMe to reign in support. Over $160,000 was raised to repair the main float and the historic parade rang in its 109th year – a Christmas miracle.

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Firefighter/Mom Answers Call ToHelp Colleagues Son

A GTA firefighter went beyond the call to give the gift of life to a fellow firefighter's son who was suffering from rare liver cancer. Support rang in from Ontario to support both the donor and donee in their recovery.

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Saving Baby Mango

An injured piglet was found on the side of a road after falling out of moving transport truck. The piglet, named Mango, captured the hearts of Canadians and donors flooded a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Mangos vet bills.

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Hannah's Journey Across Canada

Hannah Tooktoo is a young Inuk, artist from Kuujjuaq, QC. She launched a GoFundMe for her courageous bike ride across Canada to raise both money and awareness for the suicide epidemic in her region.

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Raptor fans: Help support KD's Charity Foundation!

After some Raptor fans displayed an ugly side of fandom when they cheered on the injury of Kevin Durant, one Raptor fan wanted to say 'sorry.' A GoFundMe launched by Raptor Nation to say 'sorry' by donating over $36,000 to Kevin Durant Charity Foundation.

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Save our little girl Carolyn's life!

When 16-year-old Carolyn was diagnosed with a rare and devastating cancer an army of support raised nearly $200,000 to send her to the US to receive treatment.

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Help Me Go to Harvard

Ontario student, Na’Shantéa Miller, was told she had one month to secure $75,000 in tuition to attend a Harvard Master's program. Nearly 1,000 people rallied together to crowdfund over $75,000, ensuring Na’Shantéa a spot at her dream school.

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