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Beaconsfield, QC
Introduction  My husband Sean Ryan (or Mr. Ryan to his students) is a wonderful human being going through a terrible time. This week he was diagnosed with a stage-4 brain tumour with limited prospects.  He and our beautiful boy James are everything to me and I am writing to let you know that he...
Last donation 6m ago
$141,100 raised of $100,000
$141,100 raised
Mississauga, ON
The CVA is challenging the Quebec government regarding Bill 44 and has a strong case and a strong team that has been very successful at the federal level and we need your financial support to bring this case to trial. The CVA has invested considerable funds on the effort since 2015 and we current...
Last donation 18h ago
$76,052 raised of $120,000
$76,052 raised
Lethbridge, AB
On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Dallas was involved in serious vehicle accident.  Dallas has sustained many serious injuries and is currently in the intensive care unit.  We are still waiting to understand the full impact of his injuries but we know that recovery will involve a long hospital stay...
Last donation 4m ago
$52,605 raised of $10,000
$52,605 raised
On November 21, 2017,  (Camryn’s 10th Birthday) Anna was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. After finding a lump in her left breast in June 2017, Anna decided on a double mastectomy. After surgery, the surgeon reported that he thought the lymph nodes looked good and the plan was made for chem...
Last donation 14h ago
$52,390 raised of $10,000
$52,390 raised
Calgary, AB
On November 8th, Rozalia (Rose) was the victim of a random attack in Calgary, Alberta.  She was pushed onto the CTrain tracks and has suffered life-altering changes that will prevent her from returning home (news article link below).  The doctors and medical team have advised the family she will...
Last donation 22h ago
$44,340 raised of $100,000
$44,340 raised
Markham, ON
**Update 15 November 2018 Bobby's Memorial Service will take place Friday, November 23rd at 7:30pm at Markham Chinese Baptist Church (9580 Woodbine Ave. Markham) Please consider donating to this campaign to support the family in lieu of floral arrangements. **Update 14 November 2018 We are deva...
Last donation 1h ago
$36,114 raised of $75,000
$36,114 raised
Mississauga, ON
Dear friends,  On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 we lost a dear friend who was a beloved Father, son, brother and loved one. As we all feel the loss of Emilio, Maria is in shock of Emilio's unexpected passing. Maria is left to raise her two precious twins, Jessie and Matthew. Please, Let us all...
Last donation 32m ago
$35,285 raised of $10,000
$35,285 raised
Slave Lake, AB
Joe (Matthew) Borris is a 20-year-old young man from Flatbush, AB.  He is the second youngest of five to Dan and Nicole Borris.  He works on the rigs and farms part time back home with his girlfriend Olivia.  Joe is a funny, caring and adventurous young man who spends his spare time with his fami...
Last donation 5h ago
$30,262 raised of $20,000
$30,262 raised
Sherri Simmons Carrigan was recently diagnosed with ALS and she needs your help. ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  Sherri and her husband Mike are regularly travelling to Boston where she i...
Last donation 3h ago
$28,225 raised of $5,000
$28,225 raised
Montréal, QC
On October 26th, The New Times, one of Russia`s few independent media outlets, was fined 22, 250,000 rubles (about 450,000 CAD; 330,000 USD) by a justice of the peace in Moscow.  This unprecedented fine threatens the existence of the The New Times and undermines media freedom in Russia, according...
Last donation 3d ago
$27,876 raised of $10,000
$27,876 raised
Timberlea, NS
TEAM MACDONALD - Pay it Forward If you know Art MacDonald, you know he’s all about “team” in its best and broadest sense. On or off the ice, he’s a guy who believes in making a difference in the lives of those around him – whether it’s his family, friends, colleagues or his larger community. In...
Last donation 4h ago
$27,115 raised of $40,000
$27,115 raised
Coquitlam, BC
On an ordinary day at the end of August, 2018, my friend Ann-Marie suffered an unusual pain.  Thinking it might be kidney stones, she headed to the hospital.  Doctors could immediately see that it was much worse than she had anticipated.  Ann-Marie had colon cancer. Over the next two months, doc...
Last donation 4h ago
$25,380 raised of $80,000
$25,380 raised
Halfmoon Bay, BC
On November 4, my sister Paige had a serious car accident which has left her with life threatening injuries in the ICU. She is currently on life support. She was a passenger in the back seat when a dangerous driver travelling at high speed collided with the vehicle head on. I am starting this cam...
Last donation 10h ago
$22,599 raised of $8,000
$22,599 raised
Saint-Eustache, QC
Notre amie Anne-Sophie est une maman exceptionnelle. Son petit trésor, Léo, occupe ses journées et ses pensées afin de toujours trouver une activité chouette et amusante à faire avec lui.  Son petit amour combat malheureusement présentement une tumeur qui s’est attaquée à son cerveau. Les examen...
Last donation 8m ago
$10,354 raised of $50,000
$10,354 raised
London, ON
September 2017, Juliana started experiencing pain in her shoulder. When going to the doctor, she was told it was just tendinitis and given inflammatory's and that it would resolve itself. After a month of on going pain, she returned to the doctor and was now told it was a torn bicep tendon and wa...
Last donation 1h ago
$32,092 raised of $60,000
$32,092 raised
Winnipeg, MB
If you are reading this GO Fund Me story there is a chance you know of my dear friend Shay.  Maybe you are family, friends or maybe you know Shay from her years of Nursing at St. Boniface General Hospital, her Health Care Aide days at Beausejour District Hospital or from growing up in her small h...
Last donation 25m ago
$16,865 raised of $12,000
$16,865 raised
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we are raising funds to help out Mo's family. Mo was an amazing influence on many and touched so many lives. He was the definition of a stand up guy. There is not one bad word to be said about him, he was the life  of the party and always the mot positive guy in the room. the funds are to help ou...
Last donation 48m ago
$9,301 raised of $10,000
$9,301 raised
Kitimat, BC
The 101 Industries Family would like to express their deepest condolences to the Kerr Family, on the devastating loss of their son, Cameron Kerr.  Cameron, was a 30 year old resident of Terrace BC and was full of life and adventure.  He was a former hockey player with the Terrace River Kings, an...
Last donation 4m ago
$16,140 raised of $20,000
$16,140 raised
Calgary, AB
The Drillers Lounge: Kelly Down Team has setup this account in remembrance of Andrew "And-Why" Hutchison. We would like to support Andy's family through this difficult time while also helping to build a foundation for Andy's kids and their future.  For everything you have given us, we want to he...
Last donation 1h ago
$14,490 raised of $50,000
$14,490 raised
Burlington, ON
Sava Andic  passed away the morning of November 20th, 2018. He was only 46 years old. Daniela 10, Max 9 and Nick 7 all go to Tuck School and will sadly grow up without their father. Unfortunately the family does NOT have any insurance and Sava was the sole bread winner for the family. They des...
Last donation 8m ago
$24,490 raised of $10,000
$24,490 raised
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Kamloops, BC
Yesterday afternoon (Nov. 17th) Brandon Kicia passed away suddenly. We do not know why. He was downstairs at his parents playing with his daughter Zoey when a family member went down and found him unconscious. Emergency services were called and his dad Ken, performed CPR until the paramedics took...
Last donation 17m ago
$21,230 raised of $10,000
$21,230 raised
At 8 p.m. on Monday night, November 19th 2018, the Lance/Bracken/Strong Family’s beloved home caught on fire. Everyone, including pets made it out safely, and we thank working smoke detectors for that. Kim Lance, Marie Lance, Ken Bracken, AJ Strong, Gina Strong, Xavier Bracken and Jeff Seymour ar...
Last donation 20m ago
$8,165 raised of $10,000
$8,165 raised
Hemmingford, QC
On the night of november 17th, a tragic accidental fire completly destroyed the barn of this family business. All but one of the 40 horses were lost in this tragedy despite the fact that the daughter of the owners desperatly tried to get to them. The smoke too dense; the horses sadly already quie...
Last donation 15m ago
$8,025 raised of $8,000
$8,025 raised
Lethbridge, AB
On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Dallas was involved in serious vehicle accident.  Dallas has sustained many serious injuries and is currently in the intensive care unit.  We are still waiting to understand the full impact of his injuries but we know that recovery will involve a long hospital stay...
Last donation 4m ago
$52,605 raised of $10,000
$52,605 raised
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Sayulita Surf Rescue is a group of professional and volunteer Lifeguards working  in tandem to prevent drownings in the waters of Sayulita. At the same time as saving lives, we are  helping to keep our ocean clean and our beaches safe.  Sayulita Surf Rescue is looking for funding for our fourth a...
Last donation 10h ago
$3,180 raised of $7,000
$3,180 raised
San Diego, CA
Since October 26, Immigration Authorities have been vetting families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border and releasing them – without resources or transportation – at the Port-of-Entry and other locations in San Diego. These families have fled violence, suffering, and persecution in their h...
Last donation 18m ago
$30,104 raised of $150,000
$30,104 raised
Ogden, UT
To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. On 11/11/18 Big Betsy first flew in Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden, UT. Providing healing to our hearts after the lost of Maj. Brent Taylor, pride in our country and a resolve to find unity in a divisive time, the flag changed lives i...
Last donation 2h ago
$6,192 raised of $50,000
$6,192 raised
Oroville, CA
Of all of the Firefighters in Butte County fighting the Camp Fire, there have been over 30 Firefighters who live in Butte who's homes have been effected, most of them losing their homes entirely. This fund is to help our Firefighters in Butte County and their families rebuild following the destru...
Last donation 35m ago
$36,822 raised of $250,000
$36,822 raised
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Montréal, QC
English below Permettez-moi de me présenter. Mon nom est Andrew McNally et je suis enseignant au Collège LaSalle Montréal. J'ai mis sur pied cette initiative de financement social afin d'aider mes étudiants dans la réalisation de leur projet Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle dans le cadre du cours Prés...
Last donation 1w ago
$5,676 raised of $5,500
$5,676 raised
Toronto, ON
Assalamualikum TheProphetsPath viewers!  GoFundMe needed to update our account, so we'll continue with this fresh new version of our campaign.  If you have questions about this, you can email me by clicking the green envelope under the Donate button. We need your help making our daily videos. I...
Last donation 4h ago
$18,035 raised of $25,000
$18,035 raised
Langley, BC
***This young woman, Faviona, has been adopted by the Jabra Women's Network, which is spearheading her fundraising efforts. If you would like to support her, click the “Donate Now” button.*** The Harvest for Humanity team has identified deserving women in Haiti to receive the first ever Women In...
Last donation 3w ago
$2,530 raised of $2,500
$2,530 raised
Denman Island, BC
DI Community School is fundraising to support Hornby School getting  teaching  materials( iPads and PE equipment) while they are moving at their temporary location on Monday. We need to fundraise 1500$ in a weekend.That is less than 2$ per resident. We can do this !
Last donation 2mos ago
$1,310 raised of $1,500
$1,310 raised
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