Fundraising Ideas for Social Media to Ramp Up Donations

Social media is one of your greatest tools when it comes to online fundraising. Make your online fundraiser successful and support your beneficiary and their family with these fundraising ideas for social media, all while inspiring your online audience to donate.

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Four social media fundraising ideas that work

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1. Host a social media contest

Hosting a social media contest is an easy and unique fundraising idea to incentivize others to donate to your cause on social media. Whether you plan to host a hashtag, photo, or video contest, this idea will be sure to excite your audience and help spread the word about your fundraiser and its story.

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2. Hop on trending hashtags

Adding trending hashtags to your social media posts are an easy way to attract attention to your fundraiser. Sharing relevant and inspirational quotes for #MondayMotivation or old pictures for #ThrowbackThursday while adding your fundraiser link is great for your exposure and content strategy.

3. Collect photo submissions

You can get your followers involved in your social media fundraising strategy by collecting photo submissions. It’s a great way to grow your online channels. If you feature their content, they will be more likely to share yours. And that means more followers for you, which means more awareness for your fundraiser. To persuade others to donate to your fundraiser, you can ask people who submit photos to include a blurb about why it’s important to give back.

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4. Create a “theme” for your profile

If your organization or nonprofit is looking to spice things up on social media to raise money for your fundraiser, try creating a unique fundraising idea like a social media theme. This tactic can work on any social media platform, yet it performs best on Instagram, where all your content can be viewed on one page, your profile. Whether you post pictures with an overlay of your brand’s color or only cute pictures of your shelter animals, social media themes will help keep your content brand-aligned and recognizable. Keep each photo that you share relevant to your fundraiser, and remember to always link back to your page in your bio.

Use social media to drive donations

Now that you have a few fundraising ideas for social media to jumpstart your online promotion, you’re on your way to hosting a successful fundraiser. For more ways to share your fundraiser without using social media, read Online Fundraising Without Social Media. Start your fundraiser today.